About Us



Property Crime Prevention, Detection and Analytics

BWI combats community crime with data.

Specifically it harvests and analyses transactional data resulting from the pawning or sale of used goods as a means of identifying criminal activities, trends and linkages, empowering law enforcement and business in the protection of communities they serve.

Ongoing collaboration with Law Enforcement

At BWI our niche expertise is law enforcement data management. Since 1998, we have collaborated with US and Canadian Police Investigators to develop a web-based system for collecting, storing and delivering information gathered at pawn, second hand, precious metal and scrap metal businesses.

Practitioner focused technology Solutions

The result of years of research, collaboration and innovation is a set of invaluable technology tools to deliver enhanced data driven policing and safer business practices related to the purchase of used goods. BWI offers a suite of technologies that assist law enforcement in solving or preventing property related crime (understanding that many crimes have a property crime component), as well as protecting the owner and consumer of personal property. It also provides tools that help streamline compliance with state mandated laws for pawn,second hand and scrap metal store transactions.