Our Customers

BWI technology is currently used across North America. BWI provides solutions that serve law enforcement needs regarding used goods reporting, crime detection and analysis, as well as serving the businesses who deal with the purchase and resale of used goods.

Here is what our customers are saying about us:

“RAPID has increased our recovered property exponentially. The automated NCIC reports are ridiculously effective…now we can hardly keep up! This is an incredible product for Law Enforcement, but there is also a benefit for the merchants and their customers…privacy. BWI provides the RAPID software interface, but the data is held by law enforcement and is not given to third parties. This is unlike any other product I’m aware of. What a great system!”
Lieutenant Edward T. Sileo
Criminal Investigations Division
Broward County Sheriff's Office
“I've been involved with many projects that cost more money, took more time and had less successful outcomes. It's refreshing to deal with a company that provides what they said they would in a timely fashion for a reasonable price.”
Don Knott, Sergeant Martin County Sheriff's Office
Criminal Investigations Division Robert L. Crowder, Sheriff
“...users believe the system provides valuable information and a significant number of cases were solved because of the new system. Based on the respondents’ answers, we estimate that over 450 property crimes would remain unsolved if not for the vital information retrieved...”  
System Evaluation Report of BWI technology
Virginia Tech, 2006 
“We have seen a significant increase in prosecution, recovery of stolen property and have assisted many surrounding agencies in recovering and prosecuting criminals who move property from jurisdiction to another trying to avoid being caught. We have also been exceptionally pleased with the support and training side of BWI. Few vendors in this day and age provide so much.” 
Lt. Steve Pearson
Lansing, Michigan Police Department