Designed by Police for Police


egional Automated Property Information Database

BWI technology facilitates Intelligence Based Policing, which on a fundamental level is having the most comprehensive, timely information when it matters. Business Watch International has developed best-in-class electronic transaction reporting and investigation tools that provide real time an historical transaction data, and tools to query and report on that data. Electronic Pawn Transaction Reporting is one of the newest data sources to be leveraged by police across North America to help solve property crime, drug crime and violent and domestic crime. BWI's RAPID products and services are designed in collaboration with  police officers from across North America, to reflect their specific investigative needs.

BWI's Rapid System™ is available as a site-installed solution or as a turnkey hosted solution based on customer preference. Both models support the customization to reflect the needs of a jurisdiction and its unique protocols. The Rapid System will optimize your department's effectiveness and significantly reduce the costs to gather and monitor the transaction data.