Business Watch International

BWI HomeWatch

BWI provides a web-based solution that gives you peace of mind regarding your personal property. We make available a nationwide web based property registry that allows you to record key details about your property; jewelry, electronics, bicycles, antiques in case they are ever stolen.

Business Watch International (BWI), in consultation with police services and insurance providers from across Canada and the USA developed HomeWatch™, a convenient, easy to use, web based property registry. BWI HomeWatch™ has countless records of personal property that can be used for recovery and reuniting owners with property that has been stolen.

BWI HomeWatch™ allows you to record your items, categorize them for quick discovery (office furniture, computer components, toys, electronics, home appliances, etc.) in case they are ever stolen. The list can also function as as an inventory list (off-site storage) in the event of a fire or catastrophic event.

Utilizing a secure on-line Internet program, you can enter and record serial numbers (factory generated or your own personal engraved numbers). For your convenience, BWI HomeWatch can generate serial numbers that can be engraved on items. These serial numbers are then entered and stored in a centralized database using security comparable to that used in the banking industry. {tab=Property Recovery} Recovery of stolen property depends upon law enforcement's ability to identify the original rightful owner.  Unfortunately, most (unless you can provide a study) of property stolen is never returned to the rightful owner for this very reason.  The surging volume of unidentified property circulating the streets, garage sales, flea markets, and secondhand goods businesses begs for better registry of personal property. BWI HomeWatch effectively addresses the problem of unidentifiable stolen assets, and acts as a disincentive for criminals (as they are not interested in property that is hard to dispose of as it may reveal their identity).

BWI HomeWatch works in conjunction with other BWI Law Enforcement focused software, and is trusted and used in identifying suspects and recovering property faster and with more consistency. All records are kept confidential and only police services monitor the use of the database. BWI HomeWatch replaces crime prevention programs such as Operation Provident and Operation Identification.

The web server and the database server are both housed in a secured data center with 24-hour monitoring and restricted access. All communication between your browser and the BWI HomeWatch servers is done over an encrypted channel using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption (128-bit) to prevent eavesdropping. All BWI personnel have received a thorough background check and access to the database is limited to authorized BWI personnel only.

BWI HomeWatch is currently available at no cost for limited time. Contact us for more information.