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egional Automated Property Information Database

BWI technology facilitates Intelligence Based Policing, which on a fundamental level is having the most comprehensive, timely information when it matters. Business Watch International has developed best-in-class electronic transaction reporting and investigation tools that provide real time an historical transaction data, and tools to query and report on that data. Electronic Pawn Transaction Reporting is one of the newest data sources to be leveraged by police across North America to help solve property crime, drug crime and violent and domestic crime. BWI's RAPID products and services are designed in collaboration with  police officers from across North America, to reflect their specific investigative needs.

BWI's Rapid System™ is available as a site-installed solution or as a turnkey hosted solution based on customer preference. Both models support the customization to reflect the needs of a jurisdiction and its unique protocols. The Rapid System will optimize your department's effectiveness and significantly reduce the costs to gather and monitor the transaction data.

 In many police departments, the current reporting systems are antiquated, unmanageable, and largely unable to accommodate the growing influx of reported transactions. As a result the officers mandated to investigate this data are overwhelmed. Simultaneously, due to budget constraints and cuts, police agencies are burdened  with managing this data set with already overextended resources,  and as such  are constantly searching for ways to be more efficient and effective.

RAPID directly addresses police officer’s need for improved accuracy, quantity, relevancy and timeliness of transaction information related to pawn, scrap metal and precious metal transactions. RAPID empowers law enforcement  to expend significantly more effort on crime analysis as opposed to ‘wasted’ time spent on data entry and file management of hard copy pawn records.

BWI brings the convenience and scalability of modern web transaction technologies to capture, consolidate and investigate transactions in the pawn, second hand, precious metal and scrap metal business industries.  By providing this information to law enforcement in an intuitive, consumable, and flexible format; it transforms this information into an invaluable source in the fight against the many crimes and social problems linked to property theft.

RAPID facilitates information discovery via an intuitive, web-conventional interface that needs very little training in order for an analyst to be able to harness the data and supplement other criminal information data sources for the purpose of reporting or other investigative uses:

  • Advance Search Detail window showing advance search capabilities
  • Search Result Detail window showing customer information and automated relationships
  • Secure, Web-based access to the data from any browser enabled terminal
  • Powerful Search Engines to Investigate
    • People by date range, volume, items and other search criteria
    • Property by date range, serial number, descriptions, regions and other search criteria
    • Pawnshop and second hand dealers by transaction lists, customers, property and other search criteria
  • Simple and advanced search
    • Every Field in the input form is searchable
    • Multiple criteria, “combination” Searches
    • Saved Searches
    • “Smart” Searches
  • Multi-jurisdictional pawn and second hand goods sale transaction data sources and querying
  • Create custom queries and reports
  • Real-time alerting based on search criteria and the latest infomation
  • Out of the box interface with third party systems  eBay, Absolute Software’s Computrace (Lo Jack for Laptops)
  • Automatic Daily Reports incorporating third party system data: NCIC (nightly direct feed), Frequent Sellers, SIRAS
  • Upload to LInX and COPLINK
  • RMS Stolen Property Lists Import (with tagged percentage, adjustable thresholds and alerts)
  • Excel List import
  • Unlimited users
  • Real time alerting and querying: set alerts based on the entry of latest information available
  • Cross-Reference Capabilities NCIC or CPIC cross-references
  • Fingerprint and Identification capture
  • Customer and item photo storage in digital format
  • SDN cross-reference
  • Suspicious transaction flagging
  • Data security: storage and access to data is configured based on agency rules and protocols
  • Geo-Mapping
  • Drastically reduces the administrative load on police agencies regarding the capture, management and utilization of pawn and other second hand tranactions
  • Easily identify crime trends (e.g. frequent sellers or ‘hot’ properties)
  • Significant increase in property recovery
  • Proactive as opposed to reactive utilization of pawn and second hand data
  • Virtually eliminates manual entry of transaction data allowing staff to focus on productive interaction and investigation with the information
  • Provides ease of access to a data set that is often ‘left of the floor’ in the course of criminal investigations
  • Ease of reporting on transactional data
  • Flexible reporting capabilities
  • Improved accuracy, quantity, and timeliness of transaction information
  • Augmentation of investigative data sources results in more solved crimes and safer communities

Try it now for FREE. BWI offers a 30-day free trial of the software to qualifying Police agencies.

  • No charge 30-day system trial
  • Online or on-site demonstration of BWI system
  • Presentations to your police executive, city councilors and licensing officers
  • Assistance with implementation of the BWI system or with setting up  a pilot project
  • Complete training for police users
  • Assistance in securing Internet service and desktop computer systems for pawn, second hand, precious metal and scrap metal businesses
  • Call us or contact us today to set up your free trial

The BWI technical development team works closely with investigators who have the knowledge and experience gained from their many years investigating the pawn and second hand goods industries. Our consultation is coordinated through frontline investigators involved in the National Police RAPID Advisory Group whose members come from Law Enforcement across North America.

Since 1998, the BWI system has undergone extensive testing with large urban police services. It is a proven and robust transaction reporting and investigations tool that is currently fully implemented in numerous jurisdictions across North America.

The BWI reporting system provides a business reporting interface that includes customer and/or item photo and digital fingerprint capture.

Businesses using their own point-of-sale (POS) software can also report using BWI’s final interchange specifications which have been published for this purpose. Further, BWI offers a web site that is capable of receiving, in real-time, the transaction data from the other software programs. There is no requirement for the reporting businesses to change their existing software to communicate with the BWI technology.