Business Watch International


Training and Support

Both the hosted and site license applications' logic and flow is relatively easy to follow and comprehend. To that end, BWI has been very successful with on-site or on-line training programs. History has demonstrated that investigators can be up and running within 2 hours, and with the help desk just a call away, and downloadable PDF format tutorial documents available on-line, any questions that arise after the training session can be handled in a timely and effective manner.

Officer Trained in Two Hours

BWI has refined its training process and documentation so that most officers, regardless of their computer knowledge, are able to fully navigate through the application to conduct meaningful searches. The training exercise usually requires two hours of intensive instruction with small groups not to exceed twenty officers. This group is eventually subdivided into smaller groups of three to four officers so that each group uses the system under different scenarios.

Train the Trainers

An additional hour of instruction with the jurisdiction's assigned trainers is recommended to provide them with the necessary background on the business reporting interfaces.

Training Materials and User Guides

BWI will include a demonstration on the store interface so that the officers acquire an understanding of the process that enables real-time reporting by the business, or delayed transaction report data entry by police staff. BWI has found that the understanding of the business processes allows officers to better deal with reporting compliance issues.

A Computer and High Speed Connection is All You Need

The minimal training hardware requirement is simply a computer with access to a high-speed Internet connection. Once trained, each officer will leave with an individual access to the program and will be able to tutor other officers. Specific training materials are dependent on the selected solution (BWI hosted service or the RAPID), however the general training approach will remain the same. In the case of the RAPID system, BWI will provide a fully detailed training manual to all officers trained. Further training tutorials can be printed off the secure police side, or accessed at anytime on any screen by clicking the “help” button on the web page. For the hosted service, training tutorials are downloadable in PDF format from the web site.

Enhancements and Upgrades

BWI is committed to continually working on and implementing required enhancements, customizations and service upgrades to meet the needs of the police agencies and reporting businesses. We will continue to respond to changes in technology and the security requirements, these upgrades will also apply to the central server environment that we utilize. As these changes are implemented, BWI will inform all users promptly and, when required, provide the necessary training.

Help Desk

BWI will provide the police and the reporting companies with a Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, (Central Standard Time) help line number for any and all types of difficulties with the Service. A complete on-line help feature will also be made available to the police and the property dealers. The police will be provided with an emergency contact number for 24/7/365 help desk support on system performance matters not relating to password resets.